Remote UX Research

Remote UX Research

Just-in-time remote UX Research

  • Year: 2017-2018
  • Role: UX Researcher
  • Activities:

    • Usability studies with kids ages 6+
    • Lit reviews


To provide just-in-time help, I jumped into conducting regular usability studies for an online education platform, conducted lit reviews on the how kids learns, and delivered a 1-off presentation on taking mobile apps global. Because all of this work was done on shared cloud drives, I have few pictures to show.



Lit reviews

I presented to a team on a variety of topics that were requested: The science behind how kids learn and develop; the landscape on the latest kids tech; and how to take a mobile app global.


Usability studies

I conducted regular remote usability studies with kids ages 6+, as well as with teachers for a LMS. I wrote screeners based off of the teams' needs, and create observation templates. For each test, I'd do a full analysis and deliver a presentation to the team. Pictured is a document from my synthesis process.