Design Consulting

Design Consulting

As a consultant, I worked with stakeholders, developers, and users to create intuitive designs for implementation.

  • Year: 2018-2019
  • Role: Conceptual Design
  • Activities:

    • Expert review
    • User interviews
    • Iterative conceptual designs


To improve / create intuitive information dashboards in complex systems: deep space satellite tracking and police investigation people finders



Heuristic Review & Interviews

I conducted a heuristic review to highlight the problems with an existing people finder tool for police. After identifying the different users of the system, I interviewed representatives in each user group to learn their needs and frustrations with the current system


Iterative designs

I mocked up improved designs, based off of user feedback and my own findings, and created conceptual designs for new features. Designs relied heavily on an improved faceted navigation.


Deep space satellite tracking

I worked with stakeholders to create conceptual designs for satellite tracking information dashboard, that fit within the team's capabilities to implement